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Photography Lighting Tutorials

Lighting Tutorials

Want to learn about flash photography and portrait lighting setups?  You’ll find lots of articles and videos here about one-light portraiture, two- and three-point lighting setups, and a variety of other lighting topics.  Learn more about lighting for portraits.


Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography has been a specialty of mine for many years.  If you’re interested in Boudoir, Editorial Boudoir, Glamour, Nude, or Bodyscape photography, make sure to check out the Boudoir Photography posts.

Photoshop Editing

Image Editing

Here you’ll find articles and videos covering image editing topics.  Learn about creating watermarks, doing Photoshop compositing, replacing backgrounds, doing black and white conversion, and working with the features of Lightroom.

Macro Photography

Macro Photography

Macro photography, and close-up photography tips are available here.  You don’t need much to get started.  You can use simple macro extension tubes, diopters, or even a standard lens (using lens reversing) to capture amazing macro photography  images.

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