Open this eBook and start making professional-looking portraits in 10-minutes!

All you need is a camera, one flash, and this ebook. Ed Verosky’s 10-Minute Guide to On-Camera Flash Photography gets right to the point. This ebook has one purpose: to help you make professional-looking indoor flash portraits with simple on-camera flash techniques, RIGHT NOW.

No long discussions on lighting theory. No rules of exposure to remember. Just a quick and simple solution; how to create beautiful portraits NOW. All you need is the one flash mounted conveniently to the top of your camera. This short 20-page guide shows you how.


The Easy SolutionYour camera, one flash, and fool-proof techniques. Auto or manual mode… easy.

Just One FlashProfessional-looking results with One On-Camera Flash! Forget expensive modifiers!

Only 10 Minutes!This 20 page ebook is designed to get you up and running in 10 minutes; no BS, just results!

Really Learn How To Use Your Flash

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