5 Tips for On-Camera Flash

Five quick tips for on-camera flash photography. These flash tips include advice on diffusers, manual vs. TTL (ETTL, iTTL), High-Speed Sync and more.

The Tips

1) TTL (ETTL II, iTTL). If you’re using on-camera flash as your main light source, just use TTL for automatic flash output.

2) Bounce Diffusers. Don’t use room-filling light bounce attachments when you’re not in a room. These are indoor tools.

3) HSS (High-Speed Sync). Turn it on. Leave it on. It will only activate when it’s needed. HSS is handy when you need some light from your flash but you want (or need) to use shutter speeds higher than your camera’s normal flash sync speed.

4) Dedicated Flash Sync Cord. Very handy if you want to do some “bounce flash” and you don’t have a flash head that rotates. Also, I like to use these, along with a mini-softbox, for macro work.

5) Rechargeable Batteries. A no-brainer. They’ll save you money in the long-run, and often outperform regular batteries.