Becoming a Portrait Artist

In this video, I talk about how important it is to have a solid foundation of basic photography technical skills under your belt; you should really understand how your camera works in order to make the most of it. But while knowing what camera settings to use and how to build up a good lighting setup is important, it’s not everything. In fact, knowing how to craft a quality portrait is something everyone can learn with time. I consider it a prerequisite to becoming a professional portrait photographer. But that’s as far as that will take you. If you want to really stand out as a photographer with something special to offer, you need to go further.

What makes the portrait artist special is that they can deliver more than a standard headshot. And if you can create something truly unique and create a demand for it, you’ll have an edge over the competition (as a professional). But how do you get there? You need to start thinking like an artist and you need to learn how to break free of the kind of thinking that keeps you from discovering your own voice and vision. It’s not going to happen overnight, but if you keep working and follow your own path, you’ll see a unique style emerge over time.

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