How to Build Your Portrait Portfolio Fast

One good way to build your portfolio quickly is to put enthusiastic, camera-friendly people in front of your lens as often as possible. Artists and entertainers, natural performers… really anyone who’s photogenic and motivated to get good photos will help you maximize on your time and effort when building a portfolio.

Aspiring models and actors are always looking for updated photos to provide to their agents or directly to other people in their industry. They are often willing to do some posing for your purposes in exchange for some good headshots. I like working with performers because I know that they enjoy being the center of attention and are comfortable in the spotlight.

It makes my job much easier when the subject can put it out there and really have fun with the process. Someone looking for headshots will likely bring several outfits with her to a session. Most of the time, this is not just because she wants variety, but she’s looking to offer you choices–to get your opinion–for what might look best.

Featured in the YouTube thumbnail:  Patricia Vonne

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