No Flash Challenge Photoshoot

Flash photography is something that’s become second nature to me. So much so that shooting without it can feel a little strange sometimes. So, I wanted to challenge myself to do a shoot without the benefit of ANY flash lighting, or even constant photo lights.  For this shoot, I’d use my old dSLR, a 50mm lens, and whatever light that was in the room, or coming in through the windows.

Window Light Photography

For portraits, window light seems to be the magic bullet.  The first and 3rd looks we shot were done with window light as our main light source.   ISO ranged from 500 – 1600 depending on the spot in the room we were using, and the changing light (you can’t always count on daylight to remain consistent).  Shutter speeds were slower and aperture was wide, ranging from f/1.4 to f/2.8 and even some at f/4.

As I mention in the video, I wasn’t concerned with blur or focus.  In fact, I like a little of that in these types of images.

Ambient Light Photography

Ambient light can mean any constant light in the area that isn’t specifically setup for the photos you are taking.  So, ambient can refer to existing lights in the room, but those lights can certainly be used as traditional key, fill, accent and background lights.  Of course, here I’m doing little more than placing the model under the lights in the room.  Had the position of the model relative to the lights not looked at least interesting, I’d simply have her move to a different spot.

Overall, I was happy with the way things turned out.  I applied some of my Vendetta Lightroom presets to many of these to enhance the looks.  You can get the presets as part of my Freestyle Boudoir bundle, too!

See more of the photos here.