Nude Under Wet Fabric

In this How I Shot It episode, I talk about creating a nude under wet fabric sequence of photographs.  I’ve used semi-translucent fabrics for nude and figure study images in the past, but I decided to try adding water to the mix this time. The lighting setup is very simple, and almost any type of light can be used for something like this.  Check out our Lighting Tutorials to learn more advanced lighting techniques.

How I Shot This Nude Under Wet Fabric Set

All you need for something like this is a sheer piece of fabric (available at almost any fabric store).  I used a constant light source for this set, instead of my usual flash setup.  My camera settings were ISO 800, f/4, at 1/160 on a Canon 7D DSLR with a 50mm lens.  The light was placed in a position that created a good deal of contrast for the dramatic effect I like.

After wetting the fabric down, my assistant helped the model place it over her body.  The model positioned herself on a black fabric on the floor and we tried different poses and lighting angles to see what we could get.

The images were adjusted in Lightroom using black and white controls and my Vendetta presets.  The final favorite (color image below) was finished off with the Vendetta “Short Story” preset and some tweaking on the highlights.  I’ve included the mostly unretouched versions of some of the photos below.

Nude under wet fabric image

Nude under wet fabric image 2

Nude under wet fabric image 3

This sequence was originally intended to be a sort of Bodyscapes nude under wet fabric but in the end it turned out to be something else.  I think we ended up with a nice set of unexpected images!

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