Photoshoot: Using a DSLR and Film Camera

In this video, I talk about how working with non-models, or people who are just interested in posing for the camera as an experience (or as the artist’s muse) can lead to great pictures.   Here, you’ll also see how we can use both a digital camera (Canon dSLR) and film camera (Mamiya medium format) together in one photoshoot.

Using a camera like the Mamiya RZ67 Pro II can elevate a shoot, for one reason or another.  Maybe it’s because the photographer makes fewer, more deliberate exposures.  Maybe it’s because the subject feels that being part of a capture using such a large, serious-looking piece of gear is kind of a big deal.  I think it’s both.  Here, the tools have a lot to do with the way both artist and subject relate to each other and to the equipment of the craft.

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