Learn How To Make the Most of Any Shoot!

Behind-the-Scenes Advice on How To Get to Your Best Shots

  • Hundreds of Images

    Nothing's hidden from view. You don't just see the "good" shots, you see virtual contact sheets showing EVERY sequence. In the real world, even experienced photographers have to find ways to turn mediocre shoots into winning photos.

  • Ed Talks You Through It All

    Ed's leaving nothing out of the process. You're right there with him as he discusses every shoot, every sequence and specific selections. From concept, to model direction, to final edits, you're along for the ride and total insight.

  • Ready For Your Next Shoot!

    There's nothing like getting into the mindset of a professional photographer to help you see your process in a whole new way! Ed holds nothing back and shows you that it's typical, and often advantageous NOT to try for perfection!

  • Learn by "Being There"

    "This book offers you a behind-the scenes look at how I work through challenging moments; those times when doubt creeps in, when it feels like all my best ideas are behind me, when nothing seems to be going right. You’re with me every step of the way. Here, I offer an open and honest look at three (really four) shoots that had their ups and downs. From each shoot, you get to see the complete set of unretouched/unedited images first, then a lightly adjusted set of selected images, then some final favorites."

    "Instead of using this book to show off my best work and tell you how I did everything right, I want to show you the other side; how sometimes you have to work harder to get to your best shots. I promise you’ll come away with a new perspective." -- Ed Verosky

    Loaded With Examples

    • 90 Pages

    • 4 Total Shoots

    • Camera Settings Used

    • Posing Direction Dialog

    • General Lighting Info

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