Seamless Background Paper, Fabric Backdrops

Backgrounds (backdrops) for photography come in many styles and sizes. Seamless background paper and fabric backdrops are predominant. But you need to know what to get. What size background should you buy? How long should your background be? How wide of a background do you need for your photoshoots? I’ll try to offer some tips on selecting backgrounds.

I’ve purchased most of my backgrounds from Savage Universal. They make Savage Widetone Seamless Background Paper in a variety of colors, widths and lengths. And you can find them at most photography stores or order directly from the manufacturer. My favorite colors are Thunder Gray (53″ x 12yd) and Black (107″ x 36′).

I’ve also purchased fabric backdrops in several colors and styles, preferring the type that are not too thin. And even then, I’ve had to double up on those to help prevent light from leaking through, as can be the case when the backdrop is positioned in front of a window during the daylight hours.